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My name is Ross Jackson and I am passionate about helping guys get BIGGER, STRONGER and LEANER in the simplest and most enjoyable way possible. Located in Glasgow City Centre, Lean Machine Personal Training was created to help guys just like myself improve their lives through strength training and healthy nutrition.

Whether you are looking to strip away body fat, smash your PB’s in the gym or fill out your t-shirt better, I can help. My no nonsense approach to training and nutrition will ensure you stop wasting time and energy in the gym and look strong, lean and fit in no time. But don’t take my word for it – check out the things my clients say below.



  • “I am physically and mentally stronger now with more confidence in myself”

    Anne (Retail Manager)
  • “Any guy out there who is serious about getting results should give Ross a shout and listen to his advice”

    Robbie (Arcade Manager)
  • “In short Ross is the real deal. He puts it on the line what he expects from you and if you adhere his guidance you will undoubtedly see a huge improvement”

    Neil (Actor)
  • “I feel fitter, stronger and much more active than ever. Ross has helped me to alter the way I look and feel within a short period of time”

    Michael (Accountant)
  • “Since training with Ross I have a lot more energy during the day and sleep better at night. In general I feel a lot happier and more positive”

    Rory (Mathematician)
  • “Since working with Ross, I’ve noticed a significant improvement in my strength as well as physical appearance”

    V (Student)
  • “If you are looking for a personal trainer who will not only get you in shape but will guide you to a full lifestyle change, I would definitely contact Ross”

    Michael (Business Owner)

Glasgow Personal Training

This is where you train on your own on a ‘1-2-1’ basis where all the attention is focused solely on you.

There is where you train with a small group (2-3 people) which adds a fun, competitive element to your training.

Sessions take place in a private PT gym in Glasgow City Centre. A typical training session involves the following: 

Foam Rolling

Foam rolling helps to release muscle tightness or trigger points, which allows you to move and perform at your best.

Mobility Warm Up

What you do just before your workout begins can have a big impact on what you are able to do during your workout. Warming up before your workout ensures you can move correctly, helping you get stronger faster and stay injury free.

Strength Training

Getting stronger will benefit EVERYONE, regardless of your goal. In order to build muscle and looked ripped and lean, this is a vital part of your programme.


This essentially means high intensity cardio. The amount of conditioning work you do will vary depending on your goal. Conditioning can involve boxing, sledgehammers, sprinting, sled drags, battling ropes and medicine balls.

Ross Jackson Personal Trainer

Ross Jackson Personal Trainer

Ready for results?

My rates are not the cheapest – but you are paying for my knowledge, expertise and guidance which will guarantee your results, providing you are willing to work hard. Click here to arrange a free consultation.

What happens next?

Here is a brief breakdown of what you get when you choose to become a Lean Machine!


We’ll grab a coffee and discuss exactly what you want to achieve and how we will go about achieving it. I’ll consider your current exercise regime, eating habits and lifestyle and we can agree on a plan that suits you.


Everybody moves differently – we all have different strengths and weaknesses and this short assessment lets me write a bespoke training program to improve your weaknesses and achieve your goal – no “cookie cutter“ training programmes.


I believe in making nutrition as enjoyable and easy to stick to as possible. However, staying in control of your diet can be tough at times. I will provide you with nutrition plans to get you on the right track, guide you to make improvements to your current eating habits and I’m always available via phone, text or email to answer questions.


Workouts to do outwith PT sessions. These will come with instructional videos to keep you on the right track.


You are here to change your body in some way – be it getting bigger, stronger or leaner. My objective is to do everything in my power to ensure you get the results you’re after!

Online Personal Training


Already train but in need of some expert guidance to take your results to the next level?

Not getting the results you want from your current regime?

Do you want to take the guesswork out of your training and diet and start a programme that guarantees results, providing you put the work in?

Online PT with Lean Machine could be your ideal solution!

Please note, I require you to have at least some experience of training with weights consistently. You don’t have to be an expert however, as I can coach you via video. Send me a message today to get started!

Monthly Cost


Frequently Asked Questions

Is Lean Machine PT really #1 for Glasgow Personal Training?

I truly believe it is! There are numerous Personal Trainers in Glasgow just now but I strongly believe my results, passion for the job and dedication to getting you results makes me the #1 choice. If you’re finally ready to transform your body and achieve your dream results, get in touch! 

Do I need to have a good standard of strength and fitness to start training with Lean Machine Personal Training?

No, providing you have no serious health issues whereby exercising is not advised, your starting capabilities are completely irrelevant. Regardless of your current level, you will improve!

How will my results be measured?

Depending on your goals, I use various different methods to track your progress. Progress pictures are a great indicator of changes to your body shape (although not essential and at your discretion). Your body measurements and weight on the scales are also great indicators of your body shape changing.
From a fitness view point, I consider things like increases in weight lifted, number of reps performed and improvements in technique.
I will also look at how you feel generally, energy levels and improvements in sleeping patterns.
For online training, I will expect weekly updates which can include weight on the scales, progress pictures, a workout log and technique videos.

Will I be given a meal plan to follow?

I do not believe in giving clients regimented meal plans to follow, because from my experience they can be difficult to stick to.
At outset however, I will give you some sample plans to get you on the right track and these are based around your current eating habits and preferences.
However, in the long term I recommend being creative with your food choices and finding the way of eating which suits you best, via trial and error.

Will I be banned from eating certain foods?

No! I am a big believer in including as many foods that you enjoy in your diet as possible. Banning certain foods may increase cravings and make your diet harder to stick to.

Will I be expected to train on my own outwith PT sessions?

This depends on the number of PT sessions you are doing per week. The minimum number of sessions I would recommend per week is 3, so if you are training twice a week with me, I may give you a program to follow on your own, at least one day a week. This will include videos with clear exercise demonstrations.

What happens if I need to cancel a session at short notice?

If you cancel within less than 24 hours, you may lose the session, although this is at my discretion and usually only happens without a reasonable excuse.

Are there showering and parking facilities at the gym?

Yes, there are full showering and changing facilities available and parking is free of charge.

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