Getting a six pack – is it really worth it?

August 20, 2016
Lean Machine PT

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Rippin abs are for most guys the “holy grail” of fitness

The “six pac” is typically associated with adoration from females, more sex, more confidence and respect from your mates… Surely it’s the key to complete happiness??


The reality of what it takes to achieve the physical condition require to see visible abs is somewhat harsher than most guys realise

The body fat percentage where you can see your abs varies from individual to individual and depends a lot on genetics 

However for most people, it’s gonna require your body fat too be pretty dam low

I’m talking less than 10%… Which generally isn’t a particularly healthy body fat % to have, and also difficult to maintain without sacrificing a lot

Ever heard the phrase “abs are made in the kitchen”?? It’s pretty much true… To reduce your body fat, you are going to have to be in a calorie deficit consistently (eat less calories than your body needs to stay the same).

Now when your in a calorie deficit consistently, and your body fat % gets very low, your body doesn’t really like it – so it will send signals to your brain to conserve energy and make you want to eat… Food cravings, hunger, lethargy, irritability and in cases of very low body fat – reduced sex drive.

Not only that, but when you are in such a depleted state, expect your gym performance to decrease- your unlikely to be hitting any new strength pb’s, or anything near that, when your working towards that six pac.

One thing to be aware of, is guys you see in magazines or online, have usually dieted for a long time to get into the condition you see… They are unlikely to walk around like that in day to day life, and if they do they probably give up a massive chunk of their social life. Plus often the pictures you see are enhance by great lighting and professional photography, making them look somewhat more enhanced than real life.

Moreover, steroid abuse is surprisingly rife in the fitness industry, taking anabolic steroids is a game changer to say the least when it comes to getting ripped.

So what’s a realistic aim?

For most guys, 10-15% body fat. For some, that will allow you to see your abs, for some it won’t. But the key thing is maintaining that body fat % will allow you to enjoy your training and get stronger, whilst still being able to go out and have a mad one with the boys.

Just some food for thought when setting your training goal…

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