Testimonial: Allan Murphy, 56, C.E.O

September 26, 2017
Lean Machine PT

As a professional CEO it is important to have a work life balance and as a man who has always taken pride in my appearance, middle age brought its burden of additional weight and reduced fitness.

As a young man I was always fit and full of energy.  On my day of reckoning I was standing on the scales and my youngest son said “oh my god dad, what’s happened”.   This was the spark that ignited my journey to fitness.

I had never been to a gym let alone work with a personal trainer. Gyms, personal trainers I had convinced myself – were not for me. “I can do this on my own” I thought…wrong!

I initially started training with Ross for a 3 month period and over a year later I’m still attending his sessions and learning something new every week.

Training on my own I occasionally struggled with back pain, but Ross has shown the need for core training and stretching to minimise injury and I’m doing more press-ups and pull ups than I could in my 20’s.

I’ve lost over 2 stone in weight, my waist size had reduced from 36 inches to 30 and I’m fit toned and self-confident

My increased fitness, stamina and self-assurance has contributed significantly to my career progression and given me the drive for further success in the future.

Ross is a really decent guy, totally committed to health and fitness and has first class motivational techniques.

I always end my training session with Ross with the same positive quote “If I had any energy left you would be dead”.

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