Testimonial: Angelo, 49, Property Developer

September 26, 2017
Lean Machine PT

I’ve been training with Ross Jackson (Lean Machine Personal Training ) now for one year – and I just wanted to write down a few points , hoping it might help others take the plunge to get up loose weight and get fit with Ross. (It took me 48 years so I’m a very slow learner…. )

To be totally honest I had never been in a gym other than at school and although I was what I thought a heathy fat person !- I continuously throughout my child and adult life made excuses not to get fit that was until last year – I knew if I was going to loose weight and get fit I would need help so I did what most people in my shoes would do and went on the internet …….. ( in my case for 6 weeks each evening looking and thinking What Personal Trainer ? What Gym ? etc…) could I do this ? do I have the courage at my age to go to a gym and admit my failings ? ….. I have to say this was a task on its own and very challenging ….. for me.

Friends now ask me why I decided to go to Ross for help and the honest truth is that I was tired being fat I was very unhappy with myself and the way I looked I I knew if I don’t sort this now it will be to late ….

I just wanted to go to a gym and get help and not be judged for being fat ….. whilst looking for gyms in the Glasgow area I came across Ross Jackson Lean Machine personal training I read the testimonials about Ross, looked over his own blog and I decided to fill out the online application form , what the hell I could still back out… I thought to myself …. ! and you never know he might not respond, well he did and we arranged for me to come and see him a few days later for a free consultation and to bring my gym gear for a short training induction session (Now that was a laugh I thought to myself what gym gear I did not even own a pair of trainers so next day shopping for trainers shorts and t-shirt )

On meeting Ross he made me very relaxed we did a short induction session and we arranged for me to start the following MondayOne Year Later its been hard but very very rewarding I now enjoy going to the gym..Ish I’ve lost over six stone and I know I’m fitter…. I’m certainly not a natural at the gym …yet…. I’m not sure I will ever be …..but I’m not complaining …… I’m delighted in what I’ve achieved…. I’ve bet all my personal goals to date ….and now set new ones for moving forward….I know I could not of done this without Ross he has helped me with my diet and fitness each week and when I’m struggling he is always there for support he is a very experienced personal trainer with considerable knowledge in his field its hard for me to express my gratitude to him – so the best thing I feel I can do for him in return is to tell my family, friends and business colleagues about him and his business and encourage them and others to contact him for them to get fit… WITH HIS HELP…. its not easy but if I can do it THEY CAN as well.

Thanks Ross for a fantastic year and I’m hoping to achieve more this year moving forward …….Many Thanks Angelo Ianniello

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