Testimonial: Douglas Bryce, 36, Police Officer

September 26, 2017
Lean Machine PT

I initially found out about Ross after being recommended highly by a close friend who had achieved amazing results over a short space of time. I was personally stuck in a rut with my own fitness. I was a regular gym goer and lived a healthy(ish) lifestyle but was going nowhere results wise. I had used a personal trainer previously but didn’t achieve my targets and think the experience had made me apprehensive about using a PT again but still decided to get in touch.

I arranged to meet up with Ross and after an informal but very informative chat decided to give it another go. I explained my situation and what I wanted to achieve and Ross agreed take on the challenge. We called it the ‘last throw of the dice’ as I felt if this doesn’t work then I’m chucking it and it just wasn’t meant to be etc.

Ross produced a workout plan and simple diet requirements to stick to and to track all my foods via my fitness plan. That was all, nothing unrealistic or unachievable.

Fast forward 7 months: lost over 10kg in weight, clear signs of change in my progress pictures and real improvement in my strength training also.

The training sessions are really enjoyable and everything is constantly kept ‘fresh’.

I would definitely highly recommend Ross to anybody seeking to achieve results and glad I made the decision myself.

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