Testimonial: Enrico, 34, Chip Shop Owner

January 24, 2018
Lean Machine PT
I had been struggling to sustain my weight loss for many years having tried various diets such as Herbalife. I had even considered the possibility of gastric surgery as I was concerned about my weight and having history of heart conditions in the family it made me feel like if was my last option.

Thankfully my wife was completely against this and she took it upon herself to find alternate means to try help me lose weight. She worked with a guy that had lost a lot of weight and in turn looked a lot healthier and seemed more confident, so she asked him how he managed to do it and he told him that he had a personal trainer and gave her the details. It turned out he was moving abroad and he then recommended Ross Jackson of Lean Machine Personal Training, so she contacted him and got some information for me. I was completely clueless about this until she had all the information and had arranged for him to give me a call. When I spoke to Ross he ran through what I was looking to happen and asked my goals then arranged a meeting. I was very apprehensive as I was really intimidated by gyms especially with certain types of guys you can find in the gym.

However I went along and instantly felt comfortable in Ross’ company and was happy to work with him, despite being a big guy. It’s been the best thing my wife has ever done for me (excluding giving me two beautiful boys) as I’ve learned a lot more about eating healthier, lost a good amount of weight, built some muscle and more importantly managed to improve the distance I can hit a golf ball – with my handicap seeing the benefits to as I’ve dropped from 10 to 7 since April.

I would highly recommend Ross to anyone looking to work hard and gain results as he is very patient, understanding and definitely knows his stuff. I have been the lightest I’ve been in years as well as having a better shape in my body which has resulted in a massive clear out of clothing as I have had to replace my full wardrobe.

I can’t thank Ross enough for helping me achieve this as I really didn’t think it was possible.

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