Testimonial: Niall, 27, Transport Manager

March 11, 2016
Lean Machine PT
Lost over 10 kilos and 15cm from his waist.

I have been training with ross for a few months now! I was going to the gym on my own and had previously used other Glasgow personal trainer‘ but they were seeking unrealistic targets from myself food wise; they told me to eat this, eat that, you need to weight this and prepare 6 meals a day and please don’t enjoy your food. Eh no thanks ; I found it too hard and unrealistic and boring to stick to.

You hear the big boys in the gym saying this and then the next guy saying that where as you have the magazines contradicting them selves on each page. It was a minefield, I needed somebody to cut out the crap, Tell me exactly what I needed to do in the simplest form possible. Step up Ross! He understands we are hard working guys that need to be shown the correct direction. Ross caters to the clients needs and goals and works to you. He tells it straight and makes everything simple.

I never knew losing fat was so bloody EASY!!!!!! Yes EASY!!!!!! and I get to eat what I enjoy. I am a lot slimmer so I have had to buy new clothes constantly, although I am actually happy about having no money. My confidence with the birds is through the roof. I have never had so much female attention. If you are true to yourself and you have the will power, listen to Ross and dedicate yourself to him, you will get that in return.

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