7 reasons why guys should train their glutes more

August 24, 2015
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I like big butts and I cannot lie… 7 Reasons why guys should build stronger glutes;

For the typical guy going to the gym, working on your glutes is probably last on your list of priorities…

Chest, shoulders, arms and abs are usually the main focus of a typical guys weights routine, with maybe the odd squat or deadlift flung in now and again

I get it man, If I could choose every day would be upper body day!

However if you want to have a seriously strong looking body, work your ass off.. Literally.

Training your glutes with squat variations, deadlift variations, lunges, hip thrusters, kettle bell swings and step ups will take your physique and your strength to the next level

Here’s 7 reasons why guys should make building solid glutes a key part of their training…

#1 – chicks dig a guy with a nice arse
#2 – it will give you a bigger deadlift  

The glutes are  one of the main muscles which drive the deadlift. Many guys think the deadlift is a back exercise, whilst your back does get a lot of work when deadlifting, the glutes play a more important role in the lift overall

A bigger deadlift = a bigger, stronger more confident guy

#3 – greatly reduced risk of lower back injury..

Ever had a sore lower back?

Great fun…

Said no one, ever. Strong glutes hold the pelvis in place, so it can do it’s job of supporting your lower back

A weak butt can result in the pelvis moving out of position, meaning your back isn’t supported – weak glutes + heavy weights = old man back + sad face

#4 – improved sprinting power

For any guy that plays rugby or football, stronger, more powerful glutes can help make you an explosive speed demon on the pitch

#5 – a bigger squat

The main muscles involved in driving you out of the bottom of a squat are.. Yep, you guessed it… DA GLUTES

In the same way as the deadlift, a strong squat can make a massive difference if your looking for a strong, lean body

Any guy I’ve ever met who can squat a lot of weight is in pretty good nick

#6 – a more balanced looking physique..

If you only ever train your upper body, your gonna end up looking like an idiot in the long term…

#7 – you’ll be better at the old “bedroom Olympics”

The glutes are the main muscles involved in hip thrusting.. Your mrs will thank you for training them 😉

Here are some of the best exercises for building your glutes –

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